Adtoniq Examples

Welcome to the Adtoniq Examples Site, a WordPress multisite installation using subdomains. Each example is its own WordPress website using Adtoniq to demonstrate different ways you can address the ad blocking challenge, depending on your own unique needs. Each example includes detailed step-by-step directions you can follow to configure Adtoniq to match that example.

To see the examples, you must have an ad blocker enabled, and some examples further require that your ad blocker is configured to block analytics. One way to configure your ad blocker to block analytics is to make sure you enable the EasyPrivacy filter list. If you are on mobile, try using the Ghostery or Brave mobile browsers.

The following examples are available:

  1. Simple way to restore AdSense
  2. Simple way to restore Google Analytics
  3. Restore AdSense by protecting premium content
  4. Site lockout
  5. Site lockout with home page allowed
  6. Ask user to disable ad blocker

Please note that our AdSense feature is currently in a closed beta test. If you’re interested in participating, please contact us at or using the chat widget on our website.